Robin Salter


A Durham, NC native who has a way with words

A North Carolina native, Robin Salter was born in the Bull City of Durham before finding his way to Wilmington – via Illinois – a meager 14 years ago. A supremely talented copywriter, Robin spends his days thinking up communications strategies and creative ideas to meet clients’ objectives, then hits the keyboard to pound out the copy that gets results. Educated at Northern Illinois University (“Go Huskies!”), Robin turned his creativity into an amazing portfolio, having written copy for clients all along the Fortune 100. Driven by a desire to experience enlightened consciousness, a TG mug filled with coffee, and the personal motto of “Be incapable of suffering,” Robin faces every challenge and task head-on.

When he’s not tethered to a whiteboard or a keyboard, Robin has been spotted working out, raising his son, listening to Jimmy Buffett, or petting Friskie the Cat. Though he rarely admits it in public, music often flows from his pen in the form of poetry, and sometimes from himself thanks to a favorite fortune cookie message tacked to his bulletin board that reads “Whistle While You Work.”



Durham, NC

Secret Talent:

Rapid-fire impromptu puns


Friskie (the cat)

What’s in my TG coffee mug?