Eric Jones

Technical Project Manager

From inception to launch, I’m the go-to guy for seamless web project management and coordination.

A midwest native and workaholic, Eric discovered a passion for creative direction and management while earning a BA in Multimedia Design & Production at Ohio University. Upon graduation, he kicked off a career in film right here in NC as an assistant director, eventually trading this dream for one a little more ‘hard-coded.’ To make the change official, Eric acquired an MFA in Interactive Design & New Media from the Academy of Art University and racked up a collection of technical certifications along the way. Satisfied with his studies, Eric finally got his feet wet in the web biz, lending his talents to a variety of notable Wilmington agencies before making his way to Tayloe/Gray.

As our technical project manager, Eric is a vital asset to the web/software design and development team. Responsible for coordinating and managing all internal and external projects, Eric utilizes a natural knack for solving complex problems to help propel our technical schedule forward. Eric has told us he’s most proud of building a family, but we think expertly leading rockstar web projects is a close second. When he’s not blowing us away with his streamlined methodologies and never-ending thirst for knowledge, Eric can be found head-bobbing to John Digweed mixes and spit-shining his favorite office accessory, the NERF Flipfury. When all else fails, Eric knows the “Konami Code” fixes pretty much anything.





Wooster, Ohio

Secret Talent:

Old man patience, naturally.


Jammer, my basset-corgi

What’s in my TG coffee mug?

Peet’s French Roast or Major Dickason

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