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Web & Social Marketing

Marketing is no longer a one-way street.

Brand engagement is happening in ways that didn’t exist just five years ago. At TG, we help our clients leverage the real-time, on-demand fabric of today’s digital media landscape. Our web and social media marketing solutions fuel your digital marketing initiatives to drive traffic, spark conversations and build relationships.

The road to ranking has changed.

When it comes to search engine exposure, it pays to be number one. But the road to ranking has changed. Mobile and social media are indispensable parts of the mix. It’s important to have an agency that understands how to connect the dots. TG’s cross-channel expertise, advanced analytics and reporting technologies help make sure brands meet consumers when and where they need them.

We view every search query as an opportunity. From optimizing your site for organic ranking to developing targeted pay-per-click campaigns, TG’s search marketing experts connect you with your customers at the exact moment they’re looking for what you have to offer. We also plan and execute online display advertising programs to support our clients’ brand building, lead generation and acquisition objectives.

Let’s chat. And listen.

TG helps brands connect + thrive by building social communities, reaching key influencers, and developing exceptional, user-centric content. Our expertise stretches from social business strategy to content development, community management, custom application development, and API integration.

We gain insight into your customers’ DNA by leveraging active listening technologies. By listening and understanding, we can carve out a unique space for your brand’s personality, marking a starting point for you to earn the social currency that every brand needs in today’s user-generated web environment.

Opt-in for marketing success.

Email marketing continues to serve as a mission-critical piece of the marketing mix. TG’s email marketing gurus understand the behind-the-scenes efforts necessary to avoid spam filters and get your emails delivered, opened and clicked. We work with all of the leading email marketing service applications such as Constant Contact and MailChimp. But we also know that sometimes it’s necessary to step away from the pack. That’s why we also offer custom email marketing platform development that enables better control of IP integrity and deliverability.

Analytics is a number’s game. And we like games.

TG’s analytics group determines KPIs and analyzes interaction to continually improve the experience and effectiveness of each program. We use advanced Google Analytics modeling as well as proprietary reporting technologies to define conversion funnels, track on-page interactions and perform content testing to deliver actionable insights to your digital spend. We go beyond traditional web analytics to provide detailed insight across all of your media channels. We’ll tell you what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve it every step of the way.

Web and Social Marketing offerings include:

  • Web & Social Strategy
  • Web Analytics & Measurement
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
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