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TG’s full service Photography team can capture your organization in its best light, whether it’s consistency and beauty across countless employee head shots, clean and attention-grabbing product photos, or engrossing lifestyle images to support your brand and philosophy.

Ditch the Stock Market

Beautiful photos can show potential customers how gratifying your offerings may be, but only until they see the same photo on your competitor’s homepage. Stock photos have made great imagery accessible to everyone regardless of location or budget, and the perfect photo is just a click away – whether that click comes from you or your competitor, or both. If you can dream up a photo to share your vision, we can capture that photo and make it yours alone.

Location, Location, Location

TG launched 2nd Space Studio, our in-house photo space, in 2014 as a more convenient and always available location for our internal photography services, including product images, custom microstock and more. With this studio, we are always ready to shoot on short notice when something urgent comes up. But we know that not everyone or every thing can fit on our studio’s cyc wall, so we’re also mobile. Our team can come to you, lights, background and all, to take care of any and all photos that you may need. If you have an office full of people that all need new head shots or massive machinery that won’t fit through the door, TG will and make it happen.

Photography offerings include:

  • Employee photos/headshots
  • Product photography
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Custom microstock
  • Virtual tours
  • Image editing/retouching
  • Fully-equipped mobile studio lighting
  • In-house white seamless cyc wall
  • Available chroma-key “green screen”
  • Multiple photographers available
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