liquidlogic Kayaks started out as a dream on the banks of Western North Carolina’s Green River Narrows. In 2000, the dream became a reality, and now liquidlogic Kayaks manufactures kayaks for paddlers all over the world.

Following a complete overhaul to their business model, liquidlogic Kayaks approached us to move all their sales online. They needed a website configured to support online sales, ultimately removing the U.S. dealers from the sales process. LL wanted a state of the art website that would show off all the cool locations and involvement from their whitewater community.

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Here at liquidlogic Kayaks, we wanted to create a site that delivered value to our customers in innovative ways, some of which were quite challenging. The TG team stepped up to plate and delivered in a big way! Throughout the development of our site, the TG team consistently came up with creative solutions which continue to provide our users with an excellent experience. The site represents the high quality of our brand and we are pleased to have TG as a partner.

Tyler Brown, Business Analyst / Project Manager, liquidlogic Kayaks