The North Carolina Azalea Festival in Wilmington is a weeklong, annual community celebration and the largest festival of its kind in the state. For the 2013 Festival, we were responsible for the branding of a new logo, the design of all marketing collateral, and creating a new website that was both mobile and tablet friendly. Our work also included engaging the community through a tagline contest via social media, training Festival staff on the power of email marketing, and more.


Branding the 2013 North Carolina Azalea Festival consisted of designing a new logo to capture the essence of the Festival and what it means as a historical part of Wilmington. The community was also engaged during the branding process through a tagline contest held on social media, with the winner being “Southern Charm in Full Bloom.” TG also helped Festival staff utilize various social media channels, consolidate photo galleries, and create new hashtags.

We also created new branding for Azalea Festival Main Stage, the outdoor music venue that needed a fresh rock ‘n roll feel.

Email Marketing

Tasked with bringing a fresh and consistent look to the Festival’s email outreach, the TG team created an HTML template for all things related to the event. We also worked to train Festival staff on various tips and procedures to effectively harness the power of email messages delivered to a mass audience.

Project Snapshot

A Scene to be Seen

  • IFEA Gold Medal for Best Social Media Site: Azalea Festival Facebook Page
  • IFEA Bronze Medal for Best Miscellaneous Printed Materials: Facebookmark
  • 14,429 Facebook Likes

Social Marketing

Knowing that many people would be checking Festival events on social media, we crafted a consistent visual appearance across the Festival website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Along with social updates, TG provided photography at nearly every event, thanks to technology and a gracious mobile data plan. Photos were shot with a Canon DSLR, delivered via WiFi to a smartphone, and uploaded instantly to social channels. This let social followers view photos from events in real-time, rather than hours or even days later.

To introduce Festivalgoers to the social media channels, TG created the award-winning “Facebookmark,” which was distributed throughout the Festival.

Web Development

Our team was asked to make the Festival’s new website mobile and tablet friendly. To do this, we built a custom WordPress theme. The site also allowed their staff to add events, pictures, and adapt it to best fit their needs.

Marketing Collateral

We overhauled all of the Festival’s marketing materials—from sponsorship forms and lanyards, to new tickets and posters—with the fresh look.

TG did a wonderful job developing our social media strategy and designing the North Carolina Azalea Festival’s new website, print collateral and branding. Their team worked tirelessly to help us deliver one of the best Festivals in years!
Donna Cameron, Azalea Festival President