TG is a full-service digital marketing and creative services agency.

We help brands connect + thrive℠

Our Mission

Deliver freakishly compelling marketing and advertising that smacks your target audience between the eyes empowering your brand to get its groove on.

PS – We’ve been known to mix in a few cups of java and a couple energy drinks to get the job done!


Year Founded: 2012 Kind of… Read the backstory below.

At the corner of technology and creativity, you’ll find TG. We’re an agency fueled by big thinkers, creative problem solvers and innovative technologists. We subscribe to the thinking that less is more. So, we are obsessed with simplifying the complex.

“What’s the deal with the cow?”

That’s the one question that every client asks. The simple answer is: Branding.

Since the beginning of time, branding was used to establish clear ownership among herds of livestock. Although the process is a bit primal, the act of branding sears a lasting symbol that is not forgotten. Our signature brand reflects the significance of this early identification process, and lives as a constant reminder of how impactful a company image can be. Guided by this enduring principle, the cow naturally became our mascot. We named her Brandy Moo.

She’s not just our signature brand; she is an intangible asset that reinforces the value of branding. Brandy Moo embodies our company culture, and burns a visual image in the minds of our clients. Although TG’s branding process is much less uncomfortable that its livestock counterpart, the end result is a permanent, recognizable, and visually appealing mark of distinction to help you get your conversation started.

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